Sunday, 5 July 2009

The tour continues...

We continued the use of our London Pass to the next day. We went to 'British at war Experience' built by Winston Churchill I think. It is an exiciting musuem with drama demostrating life during war. With sound and light effect, it brings us back to London during World War. HMS Belfast is just across the road, so of cos we went there as well. HMS Belfast is the only surviving vessel since world war 2.

We didnt take a lot of pictures but it was very interesting to be able to see what its like in the ship. We were shown the cabin, kitchen, clinic, library, church etc. More or less we can imagine life in the ship.
Next, is the Tower Bridge.
Nothing much to see actually. It is all about enjoying the view from the upper level of the Bridge. Beside the scenery, we can tour around the engine room as well.

The last agenda of the day is the Tower of London.

It was used as royal palace and prison over 900 years ago. After this trip, I actually showed interest in English history. I started to look for information about King Henry VIII and actually bought the DVD 'The Other Boleyn Girl' staring Natalie Portman, Eric Bana and Scarlett Johansson. I like I like.
After more than 3 hours studying history of Tower of London, both L and I got so tired we decided to make full use of our London Pass. We took the City Cruise for a quick tour by the thames.
Took some pictures of interesting building by the thames.

It was a great way to finish the day with a relaxing cruise enjoying the beautiful scenery and breezy fresh air.
The next day, we used the London Pass to travel with boat by the canal at Little Venice in Warwick Avenue.

It was amazing to be able to enjoy fresh air by the canal with so many greens in Central of London. The canal leads us to Camden Town.
Meanwhile in Camden Town, u get a total different view.

From Camden Town, we went straight to the St Paul Cathedral.
It is amazing in there but we were not allowed to take pictures. We took more than 300 steps (I think) to be at the Golden Gallery for a breathtaking view.

After St Paul Cathedral, go across the street.....

....and that's London Millennium Footbridge.

From there, we went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

After, we went to Benjamin Franklin House near Charing Cross and we found it to be a bit boring.

Finally, thats the end. And what's better than to end the day with a nice and cheap dinner in Chinatown.
Steamed dover sole

Prawn in butter and oat

Sambal kangkong

London Zoo

L and I decided to spend the rest of our holiday in London instead of going somewhere further (but still in UK). We wanted to make sure that we are in London when our passports are returned to us (BTW, I received my passport yesterday with my PR application approved...thats gonna be in another post)

I managed to get a very good deal from where I bought a 3-day pass for less than £60. With this pass, we get free entry to some of London most popular attrcations for 3 days. After calculation, I managed to save about £20 in 3 days using this pass rather than buying tickets separately. It saves money and hassle.

London Zoo is one of the attractions included in the pass. So, off we go to London Zoo.....with sun lotion this time. It was yet another lovely, hot sunny day

We spent about 4 hours there. Did we enjoy the trip? Well, not really. It was a dissapoinment. London Zoo is not much different from our own Taiping Zoo, really.
After London Zoo, feeling very hungry, we had pizza for lunch.

Next, we took tube to Kensington Garden Palace in Kensington. It is included in the Pass as well. No pictures here I dont know why. At the end of the day, only we realised we didnt take any photos...ooppssie. Well, there was nothing very special, anyway.